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Aug 31, 2017  

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These findings are especially surprising given that the overall divorce rate in the US has declined over the past two decades. Older women may become healthier after they get divorced A recent study published in the Journal of Women's Health yielded a somewhat surprising finding: Post-menopausal women who got divorced became healthier than they were when they were married. More than 79,000 women between the ages of 50 and 79 across the US participated in the three-year study. Researchers tracked things like body-mass index, blood pressure, diet patterns, and physical activity. Researchers also kept tabs on whether the women got married or entered a marriage-like relationship, remained married or single, or got divorced or separated. As it turns out, women who got divorced or separated had a lower BMI and a more nutritious diet. And the study found those shifts weren't related to a mental-health issue like depression. As the study's lead author said in a statement : "Even a pretty devastating life event like a divorce can have some positive outcomes, and if we can encourage the positive it will probably help those people cope as well." Couples who display 'contempt' for each other are more likely to split up. As  Business Insider's Erin EdmontonDivorceMediation Brodwin reported , relationship expert John Gottman's research suggests that contempt — a mix of anger and disgust that involves seeing your partner as beneath you — is a key predictor of divorce. It's not simply about whether you get into fights — it's how you respond to your partner afterward.

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