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Sep 13, 2017  

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detailed description of what that period would look like -- if the EU approved it -- telling lawmakers in London that he envisaged an arrangement “as close as possible to the current circumstance.” In a sign of the demands from her own EdmontonDivorceMediation party that Prime Minister Theresa May faces, a group of pro-Brexit Conservative lawmakers circulated for signature a letter saying that Britain must leave the single market at the same time it leaves the EU, and calling for any transitional deal to stipulate a clear timetable for leaving the single market and the customs union. May’s office said the demands in the letter go beyond government policy. The letter, leaked to The Times and confirmed by Suella Fernandes, the chairwoman of the alliance, known as the European Research Group, said “we cannot allow our country to be kept in the EU by stealth.” “The letter is supportive of government policy,” Fernandes, who also serves as an aide to Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, told Channel 4 News. “The letter clearly states that we want to leave the single market, leave the control of the European Court of Justice and ensure that we have control over the free movement of people.” Davis ruled out Norway-style membership of the European Economic Area or joining the European Free Trade Association, which includes Switzerland. The EU has warned that the only option on offer will be a temporary extension of the existing rules. “We are awaiting specific requests and proposals from the U.K. which we will examine,” Barnier said. “The U.K. needs to tell us what it wants and we will see what is possible, what is acceptable while respecting the rules determining the way in which the single market works.” There’s still no clear picture of what the U.K.’s relationship with the EU will look like when it leaves. In a fresh take of the EU’s retort that the U.K. can’t “have its cake and eat it,” Barnier rejected the possibility of combining “the benefits of the Norwegian model with the weak constraints of the Canadian model.” In other words: If the U.K. wants to be as close to the EU as Norway currently is, it’ll have to pay and accept free movement of people, a demand that it may refuse to meet if documents leaked this week are to form Britain’s final approach.

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