The Fundamentals Of Effective Programs For Divorce Mediation

Sep 08, 2017  

A New Breakdown Of Practical Products

Many people put up with an unhappy marriage because they feel that EdmontonDivorceMediation getting a divorce will end up with both parties having to go to court - a scary and expensive prospect. But it’s actually very rare for this to happen. Very often, and especially if there is mutual understanding, attending court won’t be necessary as everything can be worked out between both parties during mediation and any agreement reached simply sent to the court for approval without the need for the parties to attend. My partner’s name isn’t on the mortgage - so we won’t have to split it Unfortunately, this isn’t a loophole you can rely on. ALL assets need to be taken into account, the fact you are married means it is more than likely to be “an asset of the marriage,” so it may be included in any settlement. My husband/wife moved out, so they have given up rights to the house I’ve moved out of the home, so I don’t have to pay the mortgage The house remains a joint asset therefore the liability on the mortgage is still likely to be a joint responsibility. As the husband, I’ll only get to see the kids at weekends It can often seem that the husband always gets the raw end of the deal, only being allowed to spend time with the children every other weekend and at various weeks during the summer. In fact, there is no set amount of time that each party spends with the children, and it’s entirely up for negotiation. The myth probably comes from a time when the man was often the breadwinner, and so would be at work during the week, only having free time at the weekend. These days things are very different, and it’s just as common for both parents to be at work, so other arrangements will be necessary.

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